Monday, October 31, 2011

Recycle: Aluminium Candle Container as Picture Holder

When the light is out, candle is the first things that come across your mind, right? (or is it torchlight? hahaha).. Light the candle. When the wax is out, light out, aluminium container empty. Actually, you can do something with this wasted containers, as a picture holder!! 

Two slits are all that it takes! Cut both ends of the container (estimate your width of your picture). Don't go too big or your picture will fall..

You can insert two pictures at the same time. In front and at the back. 

Alternatively, I also slipped my old-become-new mirror. The broken mirror was from my make-up box and I gave it a new kitten frame, appreciating the love for cats of my little girl. 

There you have it.. What a great way to recycle, huh?

Happy trying y'all!! Sharing is caring!


Once upon a time, my husband suddenly asked me to go to dinner at this one place. I said OK. I have no idea where he was taking me until I saw the signboard "Restoran Murni". FYI, this restaurant has a few franchises in Klang Valley but I've never been to the Sunway's before. There were a wide variety of mouth-watering food served here, from local cuisine to western. Sounds cliche right? But you gonna taste the difference once you experienced it yourself!

The beverage itself can bring enthusiast as they define their drinks as 'I Love You', 'I Miss You', 'Pink Panther', bla bla bla, and I ordered 'Be Happy' - the combination of Ribena-Mango-Soda-Longan. My husband's 'Fair Lady' (I forgot already the mix combination).. Now you get the pictures yet?

I ate a mouthful of Lamb Chop. It was OK for me (I've had better).  I envy my husband because his meal looked simple but very delicious, marvelous, all the lous-lous lah.. Jeng jeng jeng, it was Roti Naan with Mozarella Cheese & Bacon. It was worth to wait for the naan as I already finished my Lamb Chop when the meal came. Memang sodop!! Never taste a better naan than Murni's. I couldn't get enough of roti, then I ordered Roti Kosong satu.. Peh, memang kenyang giler. Dah la makan Lamb Chop, celup-celup makan naan, pastu bedal roti kosong. Minum pulak 'Be Happy', kembung kejap.. Hahaha.. 

For those yang nak try Murni Sunway, it is situated at Jalan PJS 8/13, agak dekat dengan Sunway Pyramid. Ada jugak kat Petaling Jaya, PJ (don't remember kat jalan mana) or kat William (lebih kurang cam Murni gak), kat area Kelana Jaya.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Got Excess Fabrics?

Orang melayu cakap kain perca. Omputih cakap excess fabrics.

I got some excess after I was done with my notice board and my so-called wall art. I gave my dull cushion a brand new look, but unfortunately I can only managed to sew one. X cukup kain la pulak. Kain perca la katakan. I also made a table runner for my TV bench. I do not have a sewing machine (soon will have) so I stitched along the parameter so that it did not look messy. I used embossed thread to give an impact on the stitching.

Check it out:

Other than that, place mats and wall pocket would be awesome too (already in my soon-to-do list)!!

Got any more ideas? share with me..

Friday, October 28, 2011

A New Pouch for my DigiCam!

The old pouch is gone. Seems like Balqis has played with it and misplaced somewhere I cannot found. My digital camera was naked for a couple of days. It must been cold for the camera, so I did a new pouch for it. 

I used felt paper. Measured the dimensions and cut.  I tied double slip knots around the pouch, I did not sew. A big wood button is used and a 4 cm elastic thread as the button hole. You can say that the button is an accessory too. I also made a hole for my camera strand. A neat finish is made by stitching the cover using contrast embossed thread. The best part is I made my mark on the back of the pouch, written 'abby'..

Now my camera is warm enough.

If you are tired with your old camera pouch, why don't you try to make a new one?

Happy trying! Sharing is caring

Thursday, October 27, 2011

An idea for DIY Wall Art

Didn't I mentioned about a wall art in 'Jom Buat Notice Board'?

Let's start!

Do you have a cardboard or recycled box? Don't throw. Go buy an abstract fabric that catch your eyes. Measure the desired dimensions of your wall art, cut the fabrics and box according to the determined measure. Use stapler or strong glue to paste the fabrics onto the box. Hang (I just used double sided-tape to stick them onto the bare wall). 

And Wallaaaaa!!!

You can always separate the features into 2,3,4 or just one big great piece of wall art!

Happy trying! Sharing is caring..

Convert your Ugly Container into a Fancy One!!

If you are a take-away junkie, then you must have a lot of empty plastic containers. They can be reused over and over, and that is a good thing. But what if you do not use them? So take out your containers hidden deep inside your kitchen cabinet, and make them pretty!! 

I got a bunch of excess paints after painted the house last year, so just used them. Alternatively, use water color. Let them dry after the first motives if you want to decorate more than one color. A glossy finish can be created when you spray a thin coat of transparent gloss (ada kat kedai hardware).

There you have a fancy container in less than 30 minutes. Labeling your stuffs on it also can make your container looked smart and cool. Try it!! 

Pesanan penaja: Do not ever use the container for food storage as it might be contaminated (from the paint).

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Balqis with Her Sun-glass

Yesterday we went to Alamanda and it happened as I walked inside Mothercare. I browsed to accessories area and found this cute, blue flora sun-glass. I put it on Balqis and never thought of she would like it! Usually she will throw anything that come in contact with her head, a headband for instance. I was surprised thus I bought the sun-glass right away. Luckily they were on SALE right now in conjunction with Diwali festival. I got it for just RM22.40, less 30%. Hehehe.. 

Isn't she kawaii??!!!

Oh, and she wore the 'Carrot Brooch' I made for her! Just to add up to her style. Good for her to learn too, that carrot provides vitamin for your bright eyes!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Salty Goodness: Cekodok (Check-or-dock)

Mak Ngah saya ada bagi sesisir pisang ranum, hasil tuaian dari kebun die kat Hulu Langat tu. Kalu buat cekodok, seswai sangat!! So, pagi tadi cik abby and family sarapan cekodok dengan teh.. Cekodok a.k.a jemput-jemput pisang ni memang sodop buat snek time tengok tv, borak-borak, gossip-gossip (x elok diamalkan).. 

Masa baru-baru kawen dulu, cik abby cuma tau buat sandwich jek, masak sume tak geti. Nak buat cekodok pun rasa payahnye, adoiyai... Rupa-rupanya, takde la susah bebeno buatnye. Mak mertua ajor, mama cik abby pun ada ajor gak.. So, combine both recipes buat cekodok ni, dapat la cipta satu resipi signature (kononnye). Yang penting kene tambah gula untuk emphasize lagi rasa manis pisang tu, and the most important ingredient is the salt. tambah sesudu ikut citarasa. Before fry, taste dulu rasa adunan tepung+pisang tu. Belum masak lagi dah sodop!

Bagi sesape yang memang tak tau nak buat check-or-dock ni, check it out:

The salt that made the check-or-dock a salty goodness snack, best served with hot drink, during breakfast or in the evening!!

Happy trying!! Sharing is caring!

Create more space with Shelf!

Once upon a time, I was doing an ultimate cleaning. While cleaning the store, I found a piece of papan pendek, the excess part of my kitchen cabinet. Sayang pulak nak buang. Then the thinking began...

I looked at my chaotic, messy work space and ting *lift eyebrow, cynical smile *, a shelf would be good!

I just used two tins to support the shelf. I put anti-slip mat in between the shelf/tins and tins/desk.

If you have something such as this papan, don't just throw it away. Lain la sampah kan. Keep it, because it might be useful to you someday, someday, someday... (echoing)!!

Happy trying! Sharing is caring y'all!

Pin Cushion ku yang x seberapa

Jarum-jarum peniti ku kat atas gobok (cakap orang joho) ada, kat atas meja ada, kat dalam beg ada.. mana aku nak letak jarum ni?

Jawapannya, cucuk la kat Pin Cushion. Kat kedai ada jual, tapi kalu buleh buat sendiri, apa hal aku nak kuar duit beli, ye tak? Paling sonang, bak kata orang kampung, "piece of cake", buat bentuk bulat leper. 

I went to Sushi King today and bought my daughter a Melon Sherbet. Bekas die looked cute, so cik abby pun bawak la balik umah. Last-last jadik tempat pin cushion. Selalu tempat pin cushion takde petutup, tapi cik abby punye ade sebab bekas comel Melon Sherbet tu siap ada lid. Kurang la sikit bahaya tu kalu anak-anak ter'main' pin cushion.. Tapi jangan la bagi main terus. Bahaya tu tetap ada. Malang tidak berbau Calvin Klein ok!

Well, below are the series of events that I went through to make a simple pin cushion. Check it out y'all!!

Happy trying! Sharing is caring!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Jom Buat Notice Board!!

Ever wonder what to put on the wall of your work desk?? Can everybody in the house saw the reminder/notes I put on the desk? Well my friends, a reminder is clearly visible if you stick it on the wall, but where? People always stick them on their notice board, arghhhh I don't have one *sobbing*!!

Why don't you make one on your own? Jimat kan?? 4 easy steps and your wall will has a different new look!! Let's make the space usable. Check it out! 
1) Prepare all the stuffs you need.
2) Cut the board and the fabric according to your desired dimension (psss.. you might need a pencil & ruler to measure)
3) Stick the fabric onto the board using tape and staple (jangan lupe, tarik tegang2, kalu kendur x cantik)
4) Done!! Up to you nak gantung vertically or horizontally. Senang kan....

This idea came up after staring (for quite a while) at the boxes in my store room. "What can I do with boxes?", mumbling alone. I just bought a new work desk and there is no shelf what-so-ever on the wall so it looked blank, empty. Hmm what about a notice board? I got all the things I needed at home. Thus the work began. Less than 30 minutes, the wall seemed to be very useful and I was excitedly fill the board with pictures  and notes. 

Alternatively, it doesn't have to be a notice board alone. Why don't you use an abstract fabric, there, you now have a nice interior for your living room. Isn't it great? How much does a picture cost to be compared to your D.I.Y picture? Lalalala~~ 

Happy trying!! Sharing is caring.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Let's Ride the Korean Wave!

The phenomenon is obvious. And it hit me hard! The full-of-onak-dan-duri drama (not to mention hero yang jambu), addictive rhythm and dance of K-Pop, fun and hilarious reality TVs and game show just make me want to fly to Seoul right away!

To begin with, I stayed at my parent’s during waktu pantang after gave birth to Balqis, and my family apparently got smacked by the wave earlier than anyone else! Pagi petang siang malam, semua korea. I think I’ve been brainwashed silently and it succeed, undeniably. I don’t know why, but it seems like the entertainment industry in Korea is, I could say, far awayyyyyyyyyyyyyy better than ours (janganlah aku kene saman).

I do not subscribe to Astro before, so I watched dramas online, or just call my mama to record it for me (diorang ada Astro PVR – tapi only boleh tengok bile balik JB, lambat sangat). Hola to KimchiDramas and Jacinda1st. Sekarang dah ada Astro, no need to watch online anymore, loading lembab (berlagak la pulak). Hahaha..

I am choosy in selecting dramas to watch. It depends on the casts – the leading actor is vital (pasal heroin aku x dulik), and the plots for sure. 49 Days was the best drama so far. Dramas that still stuck in my head are You’re Beautiful, Marry Me Mary, Baby-faced Beauty, Oh! My Lady, Lie to Me, Secret Garden, Call of the Country, My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, Heartstrings, It’s Okay Daddy’s Girl and list keep goes on and on.. I am currently tengah layan Protect the Boss and Poseidon and looking forward to watch Tree with Deep Roots.

To feed my ears, I listened to K-pop songs. Somehow they amused me with their catchy tempo, besides their signature dance that just make me want to groove. Super Junior, Big Bang, MBLaq, U-Kiss, Girl’s Generation, T-Ara, Kara, you name it, you got it. Even my little Balqis nod her head when she hears k-pop songs. Seems like I brainwashed her silently too *wink*. Inkigayo, Music Bank, Seoul Sunday, and JK Hits are my ultimate source. From there I’ll acknowledge their new single, new groups, top charters etc. My iPod and USB are always welcome for new songs. The USB I connect in the car (which I address it as Robert – mengarut btol kereta pun nak ada nama), and as the songs are played, my husband will sigh. And so I said, “You'd better listen to this, radio banyak iklan”, in a soft, manja tone (Takut gak kalau-kalau die cabut USB campak luar tingkap). Suddenly, I heard something unusual coming out from his mouth. He was humming the CN Blue’s Intuition! What a progress!

Laughter is the best medicine, so I treat myself to talk shows and entertainment programs. Gag Concert really is a stress reliever and I can guarantee it will tickle you till the very end of the show. I also follow Running Men and I won’t miss it for the world. It is the best game show on earth! To fill my emotion, I tune to Strong Heart where celebrities talked about their rough journey, but still intersect with their fun stories. Honestly, I watched the show because of Teuk Academy. Hahaha.. Suprisingly, my arrogant husband started to watch these amusing programs, and he also reminded me the time it is aired. Guess I brainwashed him well huh!!
Feed your eyes, your mouth, your ears, but let’s not forget to feed your soul, aye!! It is time for Asar prayer. Chow!!

I am ONE lucky mama!!

A few months back (I think on July), I like OneTV Asia facebook page (terpengaruh dengan iklan dlm TV). Actually OneTV is my favorite channel for the time being as I’ve been hit by the Korean wave. Huhu.. And so they held a survey (I forgot already what the survey is all about *crack head*), and I was anticipated to participate in it. The questions were quite a lot, but still I answered them with passion and sincerity (almost took me 10 minutes of my precious time). Last question, complete a slogan (is slogan a question? ~duh~).

I love to watch TV because……………………………………………………………………

Arghhhh!! I hate sentencing slogans! I should have expected this from the very beginning. Hence I seek for my sister’s help. She gave me her idea and I hesitantly wrote the slogan (knowing that there is no more honesty – this is so not me!).

3 months later, I received a suspicious email. I really thought that it was a scam and I wanted to delete it right away. Just before I click on the bin icon, I saw a word on the intro of the email ‘ONE survey Giveaway: Mailing of Prizes’ and like a lightning strike, I remembered the survey I did. I never thought that they would pick some lucky winners for their survey. Ye la, kata survey kan, tak harap ape-ape la..  Agaknye berkat jawab soalan dengan jujur kot (poyo). Hehe.. Well, seems like luck was on my side. Alhamdulillah.. Credits to my sis, klux, too for a cool yet compact slogan!

I love to watch TV because it has OneTV Asia!!

The next week, I received the prizes by post. I was very excited sampai joget-joget. Balqis yang tak tau apa-apa pun joget sama. Hahaha.. They were City Hunter and OneTV merchandises. Frankly speaking, I didn’t follow City Hunter that much. Tengok celup-celup jek. Sorry OneTV. I really didn't mean it!!

Those were just a bunch of simple stuffs that I can expect people to say, “Ek eleh, bende macam ni kalu x dapat pun aku x heran!”. Say what you wanna say, kite bukannye selalu bertuah nak dapat bende-bende free macam ni. Betol tak? Grateful is the word of the day.

Thank you OneTV Asia!!!!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

How to make Carnation using tissue paper

I don't know what to do. So I searched something on YouTube, and I found this. I tried and surprisingly it only took a couple of minutes to finish it. Tak percaya? Check it out!!

Balqis is indeed my best buddy!!

You can try using colored tissue papers too, and you won't believe you eyes!! All you need to do is just grab a piece of tissue, and do as I told you!!

Ideal for decoration for your home, wedding, or a bouquet of carnation for someone special??

Happy trying!! Sharing is caring y'all!!

Monday, October 17, 2011

On a Birthday like Today!

16 October. I like this date. It finally came. The day my mama gave birth to me 26 years ago. May Allah bless her for giving me a chance to be a servant to Him until now.

This day made me happy each year because it is the day the people I love - mama, papa, brother, sister, cousins, nenek, friends and family, surrounds me with wishes and love. Regular phrase on birthday, "Semoga dimurahkan rezeki", "Semoga panjang umur". Ramai yang mendoakan kita, InsyaAllah makbul. Amin.. But above all, I am into my ayah-in-law's quote:

"Jangan minta panjang umur jer tapi kne tambah semga semakin umur panjang semakin meningkatnya taqwa kepada Allah swt.Amin. Murah rezeki kne plak tambah, bila rezeki brtambah, makin banyak infak di jalan Allah seperti sedeqah dan membantu yang memerlukan. Amin."

No editing. He posted it on my facebook. It has been thoughtful for him to wish and advise me at the same time. It made me think for a while, am I good enough as a Muslim? I should have been better if setan do not interfere in my way. Damn you devils!! 

A promise to myself has been made and it is sealed with Bismillahirrahmanirrahim.. I want to complete the 5 Rukun Islam. I want to perform my hajj when the right time comes (and with enough money)!! :-) InsyaAllah..

Hmmm, my cuddly husband treated me with delicious meal today, besides bought me a pair of new clothes (and for himself and Balqis) - and I like the kiss on the cheek. Thank you. I love you both!! 

How I love a birthday like today!!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

An Intro of a So-called Housewife

Housewife. Sustantivo. Joo boo. Suri rumah. Femme au foyer.

It is about a woman, I mean, a married woman like me, who manages her own household, usually without having PAID employment. And I am happy to do all the chores. Don't complaint. Be grateful. Calling all the single ladies, be prepared, mentally and physically!!
It is exciting to try new things at home such as trying new recipes, decorating, sewing and the list keeps going on and on. Well, I am a full-time homemaker, you see. I have all the time, don't envy me. 

Apparently, I am  more into interior designing. The furniture at my place keep moving here and there, down and up, left and right. What else?? Hahaha.. To be honest, I should have taken architecture or interior course back in those days in university. Regret, the best word. On top of that, I never used my degree in Chemical Engineering although I managed to get 4Flat in my last year of study (saje nak berlagak. Huhu). Let's put that in my 'Regret' list y'all!! 

My story as a housewife began when Balqis was delivered into this world. Balqis is a lovely daughter of mine and she had her babah's look. Only her eyes belong to me. But it's okay then. Did I mentioned to be grateful? Before I had her, I was working as a Section Leader at this Japan Company, where everybody shops here. This job was not in my wish list, not my field of study. Once again, 'Regret' list, where are you? Attended a few interviews, searching for new job in related field, but luck was not on my side. Eventually, suka tak suka pun, I worked there for 2 years 4 months. During my 2 months maternity leave, I decided to quit. I want to taste the satisfaction of raising my daughter with my own hands. And so the first day of work after the long leave, I've handed my resignation notice. I succeed in creating a chaos in the office. The bos, the staffs, even the top management persuaded me to stay. No no no!!! I won't turning back!!

I was officially a housewife on 21st October 2010 (until present)!!

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