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Developing interest in any of my craft? You can have one too and I can make upon orders. Kindly send your details as follow to the above email.

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  1. Hi Nabila
    I noticed you from queueing lg wth ur partner coz baju almost d same,flowery.. ;). Bila u naik that stage, ommo! she got it.. girl u r sooo lucky!! Anyway, berkat tu coz u still took care of your baby though u nak berkorea.. :D :D

  2. U queue depan ke belakang saya ekk? Haha thanks, sebenonye nervous gile tapi nak menang hadiah punya pasal, malu tolak tepi.. Balik masuk kete jek, I fed my baby and die terus tido. Penat tunggu ibu die lama sangat berkorea. Hehe..


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