The Housewife

Nabila Khalid, or simply Abby, is the housewife. 

A happy-go-lucky person who is married to a cuddly yet healthy dude, and is a mother of one little adorable daughter, Balqis. She cares about her family more than anything else. Born in JB, but stay in KL after married. Walauapapun Joho tetap di hati!!!

She is pretty much doing crafts on her own, and interior is her best interest, although her ambition was to be an engineer not so long ago while in UTM. She attended 3 years of quiet-a-hell course of PALAPES Laut during her study, and she was commissioned as Leftenan Muda in PSSTLDM. Unfortunately, it only lasted for 3 months as she has to moved to KL and  the base was far away from home *sigh* (what a waste of the hell-like training).

She is now a full-time housewife who acknowledge crafting as her all-time hobby, that is why she loves being one!!

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